Local acrobatic brothers set to perform a head-to-head balancing act in Italy

VOV.VN - The Guinness World Records has invited Vietnamese acrobat brothers Giang Quoc Co and Giang Quoc Nghiep to perform in a head-to-head balancing act in the northern Italian city of Milan this February in an attempt to set a new world record.

The challenge will see the Giang brothers required to perform a head-to-head balancing act in a studio where they will try to walk up and down 10 steps while blindfolded within one minute.

The duo will touch down in Italy on February 1 and will have six days to practice prior to the event.

Quoc Co, 38, and Quoc Nghiep, 33, are currently working in the Ho Chi Minh City Circus Association.

They have both been presented with the Meritorious Artist title for their outstanding contributions to the development of Vietnamese circus.

In December, 2016, they set a Guinness World Record with their head-to-head balancing act by scaling 90 stairs in just 52 seconds on the steps of Girona Cathedral in Spain.

In 2018, they finished fourth in Britain's Got Talent, a prestigious competition where they received a standing ovation from the impressed British audiences.

The famous acrobat brothers continued to set a world record which participated in a head-to-head balancing in Catalonia, Spain, back in 2021.