Vietnamese Embassy in Russia works to support citizens fleeing Ukraine

VOV.VN - The Vietnamese Embassy in Russia will continue to work alongside Russian relevant agencies to safely receive Vietnamese citizens fleeing to Russia from eastern Ukraine, according to Counsellor Nguyen Tung Lam.

Approximately 70 Vietnamese nationals remain in Kherson, whilst 24 families made up of 80 people are in Mariupol, both of which are war zones, the Vietnamese Embassy said on March 14. 

This comes after a working delegation of the Embassy and the Vietnamese Association in Krasnodar received 14 Vietnamese people who had fled from Kherson to Krasnodar. The group, including three children, were among the first Vietnamese citizens to leave Kherson.

The evacuation of the group was a difficult process due to the tense conflict. It serves to demonstrate the efforts by the Vietnamese Embassy and the Vietnamese association in Russia, together with support given by the Russian Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs.

Previously, the Russian Defense Ministry said Russian units had organised the removal of citizens from Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Vietnam, Greece, India, the United States, and Russia to safely leave the Kherson region of Ukraine.

A total of 141 foreigners, including 14 Vietnamese citizens, have so far been moved from the centre of Kherson to Russian territory.