Foreign representative missions receive news on Vietnamese consular policy

VOV.VN - A number of foreign representative agencies based in Vietnam were given updates on the country’s consular policy on October 26 during a meeting on consular affairs with foreign representative missions held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The event was held both in person and in an online format and served to bring together more than 150 representatives from numerous foreign diplomatic missions, consular offices, and representative offices of international organisations located in the country.
As part of his address, Deputy Foreign Minister To Anh Dung highlighted the meeting as an occasion in which foreign representative agencies could raise opinions and proposals which can thereby help the Ministry to fine-tune the co-ordination mechanism.

During the course of the first session, participants were informed about the latest changes made to the country’s policies and laws, including revisions which are relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. This include the exit, entry, and residence of foreigners, vaccine passports, and COVID-19 vaccination for foreign citizens.

During the course of the second session, foreign representatives offered their opinions on the co-ordination of consular affairs. They duly paid attention to the country’s upcoming policy on entry and post-entry quarantine for foreigners and the recognition of vaccine passports aimed at facilitating international travel.

Basing on the opinions given, the Foreign Ministry will continue revamping the mechanism for stepping up co-operation among the Ministry, relevant agencies, and foreign representative bodies in the nation so as to further solidify the country’s relations, especially in consular affairs, with other countries and territories.