Dengue fever becomes more complicated this year

VOV.VN - It is forecast that dengue fever will become increasingly complicated as the epidemic has come sooner compared to previous years, according to information given by Hanoi’s Department of Health.

Since the beginning of this year to mid-June, the capital has reported nearly 400 cases of dengue fever, marking an increase of five times compared to the same period from last year.

The Centre for Tropical Diseases of Bach Mai Hospital noted that it had received dengue fever patients as early as May and June.

According to the analysis given by the health department, abnormal weather conditions have led to the early presence of the dengue fever epidemic, with the disease normally not emerging in such numbers until the rainy season.

Dr. Nguyen Van Dung of the Institute of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology (NIMPE) said in recent years the peak of dengue fever has tended to appear every year instead of the cyclical nature of the disease, re-appearing every five years.

He also warned that dengue fever would continue to spread this year as an effect of the El Nino phenomenon.

The health department anticipates that this year the dengue fever situation will become increasingly complicated, with there being many obstacles to prevention work.

Currently, there is no vaccine against dengue fever or any specific treatment for the disease. As a means of halting the spread of dengue fever, the public must have an in-depth understanding of the disease and should be made aware of the need to change their living habits, eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by keeping water out of flower pots and aquariums, and regularly clean items that may contain water.

According to information given by health experts, the dengue virus is dangerous as there is no specific medication for the disease. Therefore, addressing symptoms, staying hydrated, resting, and having an appropriate diet are all crucial aspects to recovery. 

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