Chinese man enjoys joyful Tet in Vietnam

VOV.VN - "Vietnam’s Tet is festive. From every corner of the city emanates the Tet ambience, streets bustling with shoppers and markets teeming with flowers,” says Du Phong, a Chinese man who has been residing in the nation for 22 years.

Phong first arrived in the country back in 2002 with the purpose of introducing and selling Jiangxi Ceramics. He met his Vietnamese wife, Vu Thi Anh Tuyet, when she was a final-year student of the Chinese Language Department at the University of Languages & International Studies. Phong went on to hire Tuyet as his interpreter and fell in love with her.

The couple then decided to get married and settle down in Vietnam.

Sharing his thought process about the decision, Phong said that he and his wife had initially intended to return to China to do business. It was only when the couple found an investment opportunity in Vietnam that they decided to stay in the country.

“Just know how to grasp the opportunity, we will create a prosperous and happy life,” Phong said. Fortunately, this decision was supported by his parents and family.

"Vietnamese people are very enthusiastic, friendly, and the living environment is very good, so I decided to start business in the country," Phong stressed.

At present, Phong is currently working as a manager for a Taiwanese enterprise specialising in processing aquatic products for export in the northern province of Thai Binh. Despite having a busy working schedule, Phong still spends time helping his wife do the housework and taking care of their three children.

The Chinese man shared that their most difficult period was in 2020 when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out. At that time, Phong returned to China to visit his family and was then unable to return to Vietnam. Therefore, his wife Tuyet had to go to work and take care of the children by herself. The only thing Phong could do was to encourage his wife and talk to the children on the phone.

Thanks to Phong's thoughtful care, Tuyet has become much more mature and self-dependent. Currently, she is working as director of a trade promotion centre which specialises in consulting for foreign businesses to invest in Thai Binh. The couple feel satisfied with their current life.

Every year, Phong and Tuyet arrange to take their children back to China to visit their family, mostly during the children's summer vacation, and sometimes during Tet.

However, Phong said that he still likes to celebrate Tet in Vietnam. He explained that although the traditional Vietnamese Tet is very similar to the festival celebrated in his nation, it has something very special and unique.

“Happy Lunar New Year,” Phong wished.

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