12 killed in karaoke bar fire in southern Vietnam

VOV.VN - At least 12 people were killed in a fire at a karaoke bar in the southern province of Binh Duong on September 6 evening, according to local police.

The fire broke out at the three-story An Phu karaoke bar on Tran Quang Dieu street at a round 9pm, said the police.

The fire raged so violently on the upper floor that some staff and guests singing in the bar could not escape the bar.

Many were trapped inside, said people who managed to get out of the burning bar.

Some jumped out to escape the fire and they suffered injuries, they said.

Two seriously injured people were immediately taken to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

The fire was extinguished an hour later.

The police launched an investigation into the cause of the incident.

The karaoke bar was said to contain many inflammable interior decoration materials that caused the fire to spread quickly and strongly.

On September 7 morning, the government of Binh Duong decided to put all karaoke bars in the province under the microscope.

Accordingly, relevant forces will inspect fire prevention and control at all karaoke bars, and any violations of regulations would be subject to hefty sanctions.

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