Vietnam makes responsible contributions to ASEAN

VOV.VN - Since joining ASEAN, the nation has increasingly proved itself to be a responsible and active member of the regional group as well as the international community.

Foreign Ministry Deputy spokeswoman Pham Thu Hang made the statement at the ministry’s regular press conference on July 21, during which she reviewed the 27-year journey since Vietnam became an official member of ASEAN on July 28, 1995.

Vietnam's admission to the bloc marked an important milestone in the country's extensive regional and international integration, adding that the country has promoted extensive integration in politics, economy, diplomacy and all other aspects of life with other countries and organizations globally.

Vietnam and other member countries have actively built the ASEAN Community from politics, economy, culture and society, while especially giving priority to enhancing ASEAN connectivity.

During the process, Vietnam and other ASEAN member states have expanded relations with many partners around the world, and more and more countries worldwide want to become partners of the bloc, the official said.