Vietnam calls for support of concerned parties for political process in Haiti

VOV.VN - Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of the Vietnamese mission to the UN, has urged all stakeholders to promote dialogues and make thorough preparations in order to ensure both fair and transparent upcoming elections take place in Haiti.

Upon addressing a video meeting of the UN Security Council (UNSC) on June 17 to discuss the situation in Haiti and activities of the UN Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH), the local diplomat voiced his concern over difficulties and social and political instabilities in the Caribbean country. He went on to condemn acts of violence and kidnappings carried out by criminal groups.

He therefore called on the wider international community, including regional partners, to support the political process in Haiti, particularly the organisation of elections in a peaceful environment.

The Ambassador then proposed that the Haitian Government devise practical measures to thoroughly solve poverty and socio-economic instability, while simultaneously calling on the international community and regional countries to continue supporting socio-economic development efforts. Indeed, there should be a specific focus economic development and job creation projects.

He applauded the BINUH's measures which have supported Haiti in the past, whilst highlighting the role of regional countries and international organisations in this regard.

The local diplomat also reaffirmed Vietnamese support for Haitian people, along with causes such as peace, security, and development.

Speakers during the course of event said that the situation in Haiti continues to be challenging, especially with regard to issues relating to elections and constitutional amendments.

They underscored the need for the Haitian Government to strengthen measures aimed at preventing violence and implementing a concrete plan that can serve to dismantle armed criminal groups.

Representatives from various UNSC member countries also condemned acts of violence, attacks, and kidnappings done against civilians, especially women and children, in Haiti. They used the platform to urge the Haitian Government and political parties to enhance dialogue and finally reach a political consensus for elections to be held this year.

They greatly  valued the role played by the BINUH in assisting the Haitian Government in political dialogues and constitutional reform, whilst also asking the international community and countries to continue supporting Haiti in dealing with current challenges.

Originally established in 2019, the BINUH is responsible for advising the Haitian Government to promote political stability, as well as many other areas.