Vietnam, Bangladesh agree to build a long-term vision for bilateral ties

VOV.VN - Deputy Foreign Minister Do Hung Viet and his Bangladeshi counterpart Masud Bin Momen have recently co-chaired the second Vietnam-Bangladesh political consultation in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.

During the course of the meeting, the two sides compared notes regarding the situation, setting out the strategies and orientations for socio-economic development in each country, as well as discussing a range of measures aimed at strengthening bilateral ties across a multitude of fields and regional and international issues of mutual concern.

They agreed that both sides share a history of national liberation struggles and now have many things in common in the process of economic development, thereby enabling them to share experience, whilst learning and supporting each other.

After 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations on February 11, 1973, the friendship between the two sides has always been strong, with both countries’ leaders and people always giving friendly feelings based on high political trust, which serves as a solid foundation for boosting co-operation in multiple fields.

On that basis, the two sides consented to work together in a bid to build a long-term vision for their relations, intensify the exchange of high-level visits, strengthen regular meetings of existing co-operation mechanisms, and consider soon restarting and upgrading the joint committee on economic, cultural, scientific, and technical co-operation in the coming time.

They concurred to step up linkages in the fields of defence - security, economy - trade and investment, education, agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry, cultural exchanges, and tourism.

Both sides will co-ordinate and prompt relevant ministries and sectors to review and extend a number of co-operation documents.

Both diplomats highlighted the huge potential that exists to achieve stronger economic co-operation in the future, with Bangladesh currently being the second largest Vietnamese trading partner in South Asia, with trade between the two sides increasing fourfold over 10 years, from about US$350 million in 2012 to approximately US$1.5 billion in 2022. The aiming is to achieve the trade target of US$2 billion and beyond, as set by the two countries’ leaders.


The officials underlined the need to enhance closer ties in urging relevant ministries, sectors, and business communities of the two countries to increase the exchange of trade promotion delegations, explore markets, as well as researching products and fields in which the two sides boast great potential.

The two sides are therefore set to accelerate the opening of direct flights connecting the two countries as a means of creating favourable conditions to strengthen links and exchanges.

Bangladesh suggested that the Vietnamese side consider investing in Bangladeshi industrial and software technology parks, while affirming that there will be many incentives for Vietnamese investors. The South Asian country hailed Vietnam for increasing exports of key products to the Bangladeshi market, such as agricultural machinery, raw materials, household goods, electronics, and processed agricultural and aquatic products.

Both Deputy FMs shared the spirit of trust and openness about the current regional and international situation, as well as climate change-related issues, disaster management and mitigation, water security, energy security, and migration.

The two sides highly appreciated the central role of ASEAN in solving regional problems, with Bangladesh affirming its desire to augment ties with ASEAN and is actively implementing substantive co-operation activities with the regional bloc in a bid to speed up the process of becoming ASEAN's dialogue partner.

They consented to bolster links at regional and international forums, support each other's candidacy, as well as share views at forums of developing countries such as the Non-Aligned Movement, and South-South co-operation in order to strengthen the voice, promote solidarity, and self-reliance of countries in the region.

This comes after Deputy Foreign Minister Do Hung Viet paid a courtesy visit on May 13 to State Minister for Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Shariar Alam. Vietnam congratulated the Bangladeshi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in general and State Secretary Shariar Alam personally for successfully chairing the sixth Indian Ocean Conference (IOC).

He assessed that the conference had achieved important results which have contributed to the process of peace, co-operation, and trust-building in the Indo-Pacific region.

Minister Alam expressed his pleasure that the two foreign ministries resumed the Political Consultation after a six-year hiatus, while emphasising that amid many regional and international challenges, both sides must strengthen ties to take their relations to new heights moving forward

The two countries need to co-ordinate closely, offer mutual support, and actively contribute to common regional and international issues, he added.

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