Representative missions aboard urged to promote Vietnamese image

VOV.VN - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dang Hoang Giang appreciates the important contributions made by Vietnamese representative missions abroad to promote the image of the nation to the wider world.

Deputy Minister Giang made this statement while chairing an online conference on external information work held from October 13 to October 14. The event saw the participation of 70 Ambassadors, Consuls General, and representatives of Vietnamese representative missions abroad and several units of the Foreign Ministry.

He stressed that the latest requirements set out by the country and the change in situation, as well as the rapid development of technology, especially digital technology, has served to set new tasks that require breakthrough solutions to improve the efficiency of external information work.

This therefore requires great responsibility, activeness, and creativity by the heads of representative missions overseas, as well as boosting both the capacity and skills of the missions' staff.

During the course of the conference, numerous Ambassadors, Consuls General, and representatives of Vietnamese representative missions abroad affirmed that their work relating to external information remains one of the top priorities of their offices.

Moving forward, besides the traditional but still effective implementation measures, the missions will utilise the development of digital technology in conducting external information work, including new media forms, social networks, and the digitisation of publications.

Deputy Minister Giang has requested that overseas Vietnamese representative agencies optimise their role, fully utilise on-site resources, and co-ordinate with external information agencies locally to improve the quality of external information work.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will closely co-ordinate alongside domestic ministries, sectors, and localities to orient and provide the best support for the representative missions abroad to make a breakthrough in external information work. This will contribute to practically serving the implementation of the country's strategic goals, thereby enhancing Vietnamese prestige and boosting the nation’s position in the world.

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