Official emphasises importance of protecting Party’s ideological foundation

Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee Nguyen Trong Nghia on February 9 asked the Su That (Truth) National Political Publishing House to compile more books on protecting the CPV’s ideological foundation.

Earlier, the publishing house released a collection of more than 160 book titles on the Party’s ideological foundation, and another featuring late President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings.

Protecting the Party’s ideological foundation goes in tandem with safeguarding the nation and the people, Nghia who is also head of the CPV Central committee’s Commission for Information and Education stressed during a visit to the publishing house.

The 160 book titles include works by President Ho Chi Minh and those on the late leader, the Party and political system building, socialism and Vietnam’s path towards socialism. They were introduced to the public on the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of the CPV (February 3, 1930-2022).

Meanwhile, the book series on President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings was released on January 17 to meet the youth’s need of studying and following the late leader’s example.