Lawmakers approve bill on mobile police

VOV.VN - With more than 91% of votes in favour, lawmakers approved the bill on mobile police at the ongoing session of the National Assembly in Hanoi on June 14.

The approved Law on Mobile Police consists of five chapters and 33 articles, which stipulates the position, function, power, responsibility, obligation, as well as operation of the Mobile Police.

Among the provisions, mobile police officers equipped with weapons and supporting tools are allowed to board civilian planes to carry out missions in cases of counter-terrorism and hostage rescue, protect the transport of special goods, and escort the accused and defendants of particularly serious crimes.

They are allowed to use aircraft specifically mobilized by the competent authority to promptly handle complex security cases.

The mobile police are assigned to absolutely protect the safety of important political, economic, diplomatic, scientific-technical and cultural objectives, along with safeguarding important conferences and events.

The law is scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2023.