US pledges assistance for Vietnam’s climate change adaptation

VOV.VN - US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry says the US is ready to support Vietnam in its capacity to develop renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and build sustainable infrastructure.

Receiving visiting Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh in Boston on May 14 (local time), Kerry expressed his impression of Vietnam’s COP26 commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025, as well its approach to energy transformation and climate change response.

He assured Chinh that the US government and he personally will work closely with relevant Vietnamese agencies to meet these commitments.

Kerry noted that at COP26 more and more businesses strongly supported the development of supply chains and value chains for the renewable energy industry and they were making efforts to restructure supply chains to produce products that meet new emission standards.

He affirmed that many large global and US financiers are keen to invest and engage in energy transition in Vietnam, and expected that Vietnam would seize this great opportunity.

For his part, PM Pham Minh Chinh reiterated that Vietnam considers climate change response a central and urgent issue that presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the country to transform its development model towards green and sustainable approach.

He highly appreciated the Biden administration promoting joint global efforts to respond to climate change. He suggested that the US continue to pay attention to, cooperate with, and support Vietnam in accessing financial resources, advanced technology and human resource training to meet its climate change commitments.

The Government of Vietnam welcomes the participation of public - private partnerships and creates the best possible conditions for foreign investors to cooperate with their Vietnamese counterparts in the field of energy conversion, he stressed.