Unmissable fishing villages on Phu Quoc island
VOV.VN - Based on Phu Quoc island in the southern province of Kien Giang, such fishing villages as Ham Ninh, Rach Vem, Cua Can, and Ganh Dau sit among pristine beauty with a quiet atmosphere, allowing guests to discover the life of local fishermen.

Ham Ninh fishing village can be found in the eastern region of Phu Quoc island. The village, a new tourist destination, is famous for scuba diving, exploring corals, relaxing in the crystal-clear water, and going fishing. (Photo: Namtakej)



The village has kept much of its pristine beauty, which can be seen especially at dawn. (Photo: phuquocxanh.com)



Visitors can witness busy life in the early morning when fishing boats dock at the local port and sell items they get, with crab being a local marine specialty. (Photo: phuquocxanh.com)



Rach Vem fishing village is situated in the north of Phu Quoc island. The site is rather small, consisting of only 180 households that live on fishing. (Photo: ivivu.com)



A large number of starfish, or Asteroidea in their scientific name, can be spotted there. (Photo: yestravel-vn.com)



Fresh seafood offers an unforgettable experience upon a visit to Rach Vem fishing village. (Photo: yestravel-vn.com)



Ganh Dau fishing village has preserved its beauty, with the area less affected by tourism services. (Photo: P.ip)



Tourists can view the daily life of local fishermen, such as fishing boats mooring and drying anchovies in preparation for fish sauce production. (Photo: divui.com)



White sandy beaches and crystal-clear water are impressive sights for guests to enjoy while staying in Ganh Dau fishing village. (Photo: divui.com)



Cua Can fishing village is a fairly small site, providing a quiet space for visitors in which to relax at weekends after hardworking days. (Photo: Philippa_louise.vr)



Local fishermen are often most busy in the early morning. (Photo: divui.com)



Rach Tram fishing village is located in Ban Thom commune which lies in the north on Phu Quoc island. (Photo: divui.com)



Local fishermen there prepare their boats before heading out to go fishing. (Photo: divui.com)



Fresh seafood here is renowned for being far cheaper than in other villages. (Photo: divui.com)



Hon Thom fishing village is a popular suggestion among tourists, with fishermen working in every harvest season. (Photo: divui.com)



Boats dock at the local port after a busy day. (Photo: divui.com)



Guests can enjoy unmissable experiences such as going swimming, buying pearls, and taking selfies. (Photo: divui.com)