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Submitted by ctv_en_8 on Thu, 03/16/2006 - 10:00

Trial drills at an oil well in White Rhino (Te Giac Trang) Field have discovered oil reserves comprising a potential of 14,600 barrels per day (1,900 tonnes per day) in all its three layers. The findings have been released by the Vietnam Company for Petrol Exploration and Exploitation (PVEP).

Further research is underway in order to make a full assessment of the field’s oil reserves.

White Rhino, 90 km to the southeast of southern Vung Tau city, is under the block 16-1 oil and gas contract to be implemented by the Hoang Long Joint Venture and such firms as PVEP, PTTEP (Thailand), SOCO (UK), and OPECO (US).

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