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Submitted by honghanh on Wed, 09/17/2008 - 09:15

Scientists have determined 4,499 biological species living in the Tonkin Gulf after conducting four surveys.

They include 60 species of wetland plants, 330 species of alga, six species of seaweeds, 318 species of ephemeral plants, 236 species of ephemeral creatures, 2,092 species of seabed creatures, 199 species of coral reefs, 1,198 species of sea fish, 22 species of sea birds and 38 species of sea beasts and reptiles.

The surveys were part of a scientific project on habitats of Tonkin Gulf natural resources and environment conducted recently by a group of scientists headed by Dr. Nguyen Tue Tuong from the Vietnam National Metrological and Hydrological Centre.

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