Vietnam ranks 90th in cost of living index rankings

VOV.VN - The nation has risen five places to reach 90th in terms of the cost of living index rankings for the middle of year as compiled by Numbeo.


A family of four in Ho Chi Minh City typically spends VND38 million a month

The list calculates the cost of living index in Ho Chi Minh City to be 39.16, the highest figure nationwide. Indeed, a family of four typically spends VND38 million a month, while a single person spends approximately VND11 million.

In comparison to major global cities like New York, the cost of living in the southern metropolis is 60.84% lower, whilst the average rental price is 81.75% when compared to the American metropolis.

Elsewhere, Hanoi’s cost of living index is at 38.66, with the monthly cost of living for a four-member family in the capital being approximately VND37 million, with spending for an average person being roughly VND10 million a month.

Moreover, the average rental price for a home in Hanoi is 36.96% lower than that of Ho Chi Minh City.

At the top of Numbeo’s rankings, the Atlantic island of Bermuda is ranked in first place, followed by Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Japan.

The five countries with the lowest cost of living index are Pakistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Syria.