Vietnam imports 7,914 CBU cars during first half of September

VOV.VN - The nation spent approximately US$153.6 million on importing 7,914 completely built units (CBU) cars in the first half of September.

Data compiled by the General Department of Vietnam Customs highlights that between the beginning of the year and September 15, approximately 104,103 CBU cars were imported, costing a total of US$2.4 billion.

Throughout the reviewed period the most imported cars were nine-seater vehicles with 84,088 cars, with import turnover reaching US$1.6 billion.

This comes after August witnessed a total of 18,279 CBU automobiles worth US$385.41 million imported, with the figure reaching the highest number ever recorded.

In the first eight months of the year Indonesia led the way in terms of import markets with 38,469 vehicles, followed by Thailand with 37,748, and China with nearly 13,198 vehicles.