Network connects Vietnamese and German experts in automobile sector

VOV.VN - The Vietnam Germany Innovation Network (VGI Network) hosted a conference in Wolfsburg, Germany, as part of efforts to foster greater connectivity among Vietnamese experts and businesses, as well as those of Vietnamese origin in the automobile industry and relevant technical sectors.

The main aim of the VGI-Automobile conference is to link experts with local businesses operating in the European market in technical sectors to support the these firms in approaching and partnering with German enterprises where Vietnamese and Vietnamese-origin experts are working.

Furthermore, it also provides a chance for these experts to meet diplomatic officials and representatives of Vietnamese ministries and sectors and further explore the demand of Vietnamese businesses at home, whilst also introducing their capacity to bring German technologies to the enterprises.

Participants at the event took chance to discuss opportunities to strengthen their connectivity and boost co-operation in automobile and related technical sectors.

Phan Tien Dat, vice president of the VGI, said that after the success of this activity, the network plans to establish a Vietnam-German TechHub which will gather together experts in science and technology.

The VGI Network was first established in September, 2019, acting as a bridge for experts and scientists in both Vietnam and Germany, as well as the entire Europe to share experience and in-depth information on market demands and the domestic research and science-technology application system. This is as well as programmes and projects serving the development of Vietnamese science and technology, thereby contributing to greater socio-economic development at home.

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