Online portal on heritage sharing between France and Vietnam inaugurated

VOV.VN - The French Embassy in Vietnam and the National Library of Vietnam co-hosted a press conference in Hanoi on April 7 to launch an online portal aimed at sharing the heritage of both nations.

French Ambassador to Vietnam Nicolas Warnery said the event marks the first time that tens of thousands of documents from the Indochina period between 1922 and 1954 have been digitised.

The portal therefore showcases the close co-operation between the two national libraries of both countries, he noted.

Kieu Thuy Nga, director of the National Library of Vietnam, said over 2,000 documents can be searched through the website in both French and Vietnamese.

Alongside the array of documents, as many as 20 introductory articles by numerous French and Vietnamese experts, researchers, and librarians will serve to help readers gain a better understanding of the context of the documents featured within the digital library.

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