Ministry of Health debuts 5K Dance for COVID-19 fight

VOV.VN - The Ministry of Health and the Unilever Vietnam Foundation came together on June 19 to release a joint video clip of the 5K Dance aiming to boost the country’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the clip, the Ministry of Health urges citizens nationwide to follow the 5K message which comprises of khau trang (face masks), khu khuan (disinfection), khoang cach (distancing), khong tu tap (no gatherings), and khai bao y te (health declarations).

These COVID-19 prevention measures will serve to help protect the health of each individual against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This comes after the Ministry of Health had previously released “Ghen Cô Vy”, a song about the need to frequently wash hands to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It also featured a message of the need to maintain a clean environment, avoid crowded places, and raise public awareness about the epidemic.  

The song went on to be made famous through social media and received plenty of attention from numerous foreign media outlets.

By midday on June 19, the nation has confirmed a total of 10,945 locally-transmitted cases, including 9,375 since the fourth COVID-19 wave hit the country on April 27. Of the figure, 1,938 infection cases have made a full recovery from the virus.

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