First joint Hungary-Vietnam romance film debuts

VOV.VN - “Flower of the Apple Tree” was released on February 8 at the Uránia National Film Theatre in Budapest, Hungary, marking the first co-produced film between Hungary and Vietnam.

The film tells the parallel romantic story of two lovers from the 1970s and the present day, with the events of the past potentially having a major impact on today.

Supported by the National Film Institute of Hungary, Flower of the Apple Tree is a film co-written by directors Dóra Szűcs of Hungary and Dang Thanh Binh of Vietnam.

The film stars both Hungarian and Vietnamese actors and actresses, including Jázmin Juhász, Tamás Dunai, Katalin Takács, Dániel Le Viet Tung, Bold Khan, Annamária Berta Hámi, and Péter Kálloy Molnár.

Speaking at the screening on February 8, Vietnamese Ambassador to Hungary Nguyen Thi Bich Thao praised the film crew and relevant competent agencies of both nations for their efforts to allow the film to be introduced to the public after five years, overcoming difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vietnam and Hungary have cooperated in various fields for 73 years, including the upgrade of their ties to a comprehensive partnership five years ago, with culture and education serving as pillars in bilateral cooperation.

Flower of the Apple Tree will premiere at the Uránia National Film Theatre in Budapest from February 15.

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