Bringing classical music closer to Vietnamese audience

VOV.VN - With performances held for free in creative public spaces around Hanoi, VYO Community Concert has brought classical music closer to the Vietnamese audience.

Classical music is like a treasure hidden with a lot of beauty, glitter and sparkle, but it seems that few people can access it, because the door to the treasure is closed with too many prejudices that this music genre is only for the elite and noble.

But you don't need go to the Hanoi Opera House, you can still enjoy classical music and it's completely free.

This is a program in the annual community concert series of the Vietnam Youth Symphony Orchestra (VYO), jointly organized by the Vietnam Youth Music Institute - VYMI - and the People's Committee of Hoan Kiem District of Hanoi. It supports education promotion for disadvantaged children at Blue Dragon Children's Foundation - a charity organization that rescues and supports street children, children with disabilities and victims of human trafficking across Vietnam.

Vietnam Youth Orchestra (VYO) consists of young people from schools, professions, many nationalities that are fond of music. With the desire to contribute good values to society, passionate members of VYO Orchestra come together to share classical music with the community through an annual concert series called VYO Community Concert.

With performances held for free in public spaces around Hanoi, VYO Community Concert has brought the classic tune - known as the world's artistic quintessence - closer to the Vietnamese audience.

The program has received support from not only domestic organizations, but also the embassies of the UK, Australia, and Finland among others. Meaningful charity activities are receiving a lot of attention from international friends, and the program is expected to raise funds to lend a helping hand to disadvantage children.


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