Well-known businesses battle imposters on Facebook

Many businessmen have discovered Facebook pages where information about them is updated daily.

well-known businesses battle imposters on facebook hinh 0

The behavior of counterfeiting Facebook fanpages, which is getting more popular, has become a big threat to the stable operation of businesses and private lives. 

The director of a network security center said the center receives at least 10 complaints about clients, who asked for support to deal with impersonation.

These Facebook fanpages provide false information, and create a media crisis, thus causing big economic losses to victims. In many cases, the victims, mostly celebrities and well-known businessmen, have to shout to the police for help.

One of the victims is Doan Nguyen Duc, who was once listed among the ‘most influential Vietnamese businessmen’. A search for ‘Doan Nguyen Duc’ in Facebook yields at least 5-6 personal pages with this name. 

A Facebook page with Doan Nguyen Duc name, was set up in 2011, with updated  information and images. 

Meanwhile, all of the pages have been counterfeited. The businessman said that he does not have a Facebook page because he has no time for social media.

There are also several fanpages with the name ‘Tran Ba Duong’, chair of Thaco, an automobile manufacturer. The fanpages show images of Duong, an avatar, information about his biography and have links to the official website of Thaco. 

However, official sources said that Duong does not use a social network and doesn’t have a personal blog.

Huynh Uy Dung, dubbed as ‘Dung limekiln’, another well-known businessman, once lodged a complaint to appropriate agencies, saying that someone impersonated him and ran a Facebook page. 

Dung said that these were counterfeit pages, and that he is not knowledgeable in technology and did not intend to use internet and social networks.

Pham Nhat Vuong, the second richest stock billionaire in Vietnam, the first dollar billionaire recognized by Forbes, now president of Vingroup, a powerful real estate group with investments in many business fields, is another case.

The fanpages provided information which coincided with information about Vuong. The pages also showed business statements and philosophies which made people believe in the pages. 

Vingroup has affirmed that Vuong doesn’t have a Facebook account and doesn’t intend to set up a Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Duy Hung, president of SSI, a well-known securities company, said he had to set up a personal page unwillingly. 

Since there are so many counterfeited pages with ‘Nguyen Duy Hung’ name, he created a page where people can find real information about him.


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