Vietravel, Seoul join forces on tourism

VOV.VN - Vietravel’s tourism marketing machine will soon be getting a significant assist from Seoul, in the Republic of Korea, and its surrounding Gyeonggi province, as the parties embark on a collaborative effort to promote their respective regions to travellers.

Representatives from Vietravel and the Gyeonggi province tourism bureaus formalized a joint marketing initiative on April 1 when they met at the New World Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City and signed an agreement to work together.

The practical effect of the ceremonial get-together will be the ability to reach a much broader audience, as well as more effectively court overseas tourists who like the idea of visiting more than one country without having to travel long distances out of their way.

Many businesspeople we talked to are very interested in cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Seoul as prime locations for business conferences, conventions and exhibitions, said representatives.

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We see it as an opportunity to join forces to market and promote this type of business tourism in both countries collectively rather than individually, they said. Hopefully, there will be some spill over into other types of tourism as well.

A cooperative agreement between the parties has been a primary objective for some time and now we look forward to working to promote our mega region as a prime international business tourism destination.

Visitation to the Seoul area is already relatively high, with some 5 million business visitors coming here annually, due to its many famous attractions and absence of traffic congestion so often found in major cities around the globe.

With both locations conveniently accessible by air and loaded with popular chain restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, commercial centres, fairs, and exhibitions— it’s just a natural fit to combine forces to develop tourism for mutual benefit.


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