Vietnam’s organic food market getting more vibrant

Along with the growing demand for organic food of Vietnamese people, the market for organic food has become a new land for businesses to embrace, with the presence of big, reputable foreign brands.

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Local consumers favor organic food

Similar to the general trend in many parts of the world, organic food is gaining its popularity in Vietnam. Many products produced by this method has been listed in quite a number of shelves in major supermarket chains, food stores in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

As a developing country with a large population, the trend of organic food consumption is more favorable to establish and develop in Vietnam, particularly, when “dirty food” has become big concerns in the country, raising the fear in consumers’ mindset that in case the consumers’ consciousness and also, their awareness in purchasing and using “clean” food.

In Vietnam, less than 100,000 hectares of agricultural land is recognized for organic production. Although some organic products have foothold in the market such as safe vegetables, organic tea, organic meat and safe shrimp, this is still a small amount compared to the world's 37 million hectares in organic production.

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According to experts, high-tech agricultural product development projects of big corporations are contributing to raising the value of Vietnam agricultural products in international integration. Organic agriculture with the advantage of using human resources and applying it to small scale will be the suitable solution for land fragmentation in Vietnam.

One of the challenges facing organic agriculture, however, is the need for adequate investment and market access in the right direction to bring the product to the consumer, experts said.

The joining of famous brands

Along with that trend, the organic food market becomes a new land for businesses to embark. In the domestic market, a number of supermarket chains claim to spend a lot of pavilions for organic food. There are also many businesses and shops that only focus in this segment.

The organic food industry has started to recognize the arrival of big players such as Ecolink-Ecomart, Organik Dalat, Vien Phu Green Farm, Vinamit, TH True Milk, Vinamilk, or organic farming models, like organic orange farm model in Ham Yen (Tuyen Quang Province) among others.

Notably, some well-known foreign have joined the market, including Bellamy - the famous organic food brand from Australia. Bellamy's Organic products have been officially and exclusively distributed in Vietnam by the Natural Food Group Ltd. Co.

Focusing on organic baby food products and formula, Bellamy's Organic is trusted by consumers because its products are manufactured and packaged in Australia, which means that they meet the strict requirements of the food safety that is higher than anywhere else in the world.

In addition, all Bellamy's Organic products are certified organic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture of Australia (NASAA) – the leading provider of organization and supply chain standards for organic farming in Australia.

Mr. Sam Ho, Managing Director of Natural Food Group, said that several studies of Vietnamese consumer behavior showed that the demand for organic products has increased tremendously, so the company decided to import and distribute organic products for the Vietnamese market.

"Consumers are increasingly interested in organic food, especially for babies and kids. In such a potential market, Natural Food Group cannot stand outside. With organic products from Bellamy Australia, we are confident to be able to satisfy the most demanding customers," Mr. Sam Ho said.

Box: Bellamy's Organic formula and foods products are being distributed by the Natural Food Group at retail stores such as: An Nam Gourmet Market, Nam An, Organik, Vinmart, An Phu... as well as on e-commerce sites like Lazada, Tiki, Shopee,… For details, visit:


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