Vietnam’s banking system records VND10 quadrillion in total asset

The total assets of the Vietnamese banking system surpassed VND10 quadrillion (US$440 billion) in late 2017, according to the State Bank of Vietnam.

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Of the figure, VND4.57 quadrillion was from State-owned commercial banks, accounting for 45.7%, up 18.34%. Meanwhile, commercial joint stock banks owned VND4.03 quadrillion, or more than 40% of the total, marking a 17.69% increase. 

Joint-venture and foreign banks recorded a 15.19% rise in assets worth a total VND954.165 trillion while financial and financial lease companies had VND141.899 trillion, up 24.07%. 

As of late 2017, total equity capital of the system rose by 11.64% to VND714.106 trillion. 

Commercial joint stock banks recorded the highest amount of fixed capital, amounting to VND290.626 trillion, up 14.35% while State commercial banks had VND254.655 trillion, up 10.96%.

Joint-venture and foreign banks posted VND141.838 trillion in equity capital, up 8.31%. The respective figure for financial and financial lease companies, and cooperative banks was VND23.353 trillion and VND3.633 trillion. 

Chartered capital of commercial joint stock banks went up 6.94% to VND214.791 trillion. 

The capital adequacy ratio of State commercial banks stood at 9.52%, slightly higher than the regulated 9%. The commercial joint stock banks recorded a ratio of 11.47%.

The rate of short-term capital used for mid and long-term loans was 33.44% for State commercial banks and 34.47% for commercial joint stock banks.


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