Vietnamese ride-hailing app to debut in HCM City

The ride-hailing application FastGo will debut in Ho Chi Minh City this month, giving another choice of travel and payment methods for customers of the city.

vietnamese ride-hailing app to debut in hcm city hinh 0
FastGo was officially launched in Vietnam on June 12 (Source:
The app, developed by NextTech Group, was launched in Hanoi from June with similar operation method to Uber and Grab.

In addition, FastBike for motorcycle taxi service will be started in the coming time, following the success of FastGo.

After one month of operation in Hanoi, more than 5,000 taxis and private cars registered to work with FastGo. More than 10,000 ride-hailing calls were made, serving nearly 12,000 passengers who installed the app. 

CEO of FastGo Vietnam Nguyen Huu Tuat said in the fourth industrial revolution, apps need to be developed in advanced technology platform to benefit customers. 

At present, the Vietnamese business has exempted the commission rate for drivers. 

FastGo has kept its prices at a stable level, without raising the rates in unfavourable weather or time. Besides, it has launched various promotions to attract more visitors. 

It also targets to encourage non-cash payment and expand its services in line with the development of digital economy, thus transferring the traditional business model to a more advanced one.

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