Vietnamese handicraft firms attend Mega Show Hong Kong 2018

Nearly 70 Vietnamese handicraft and gift enterprises are exhibiting their products in over 80 booths at the Mega Show Hong Kong 2018 from October 20-23.

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Vietnamese handicraft and gift enterprises are exhibiting their products in over 80 booths at the Mega Show Hong Kong 2018 
The Vietnamese firms are introducing their handicrafts and household utensils made of natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, timber, rush, jute, water hyacinth, clay, and shells  to international consumers. These are environmentally-friendly products that are suitable for the current global consumption trends.

Nguyen Duy Kien, Deputy Consul-General in charge of Economic-Commercial Affairs at the Consulate General of Vietnam in Hong Kong and Macau, said that the Mega Show is Asia’s largest-scale prestigious trade fair for gifts, home appliances, and toys. 

It is also the most direct channel for Vietnamese businesses to introduce their products to international buyers, thus helping to boost Vietnam’s exports, he added. 

Kien said many Vietnamese enterprises have signed big export contracts at the event, noting that after attending the Mega Show Hong Kong 2017, a large number of Vietnamese businesses signed contracts with foreign partners for supplying goods for the whole year.

In the context of the current US-China trade war, international buyers are tending towards importing goods from Southeast Asian nations, including Vietnam. Therefore, at this year’s event, the booths of Vietnamese enterprises have continued to attract the attention of many visitors.

Vietnamese businesses hoped they will be able to reach new records in exporting handicraft items after the event.

The organisers said the Mega Show Hong Kong 2018 drew the participation of 4,100 businesses from over 30 countries and territories, with 5,300 booths.

This year’s event is expected to lure some 55,000 visitors, higher than the figure of 52,000 in 2017.

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