Vietnam, RoK plan joint audit on ASOSAI 14 sidelines

Auditor General of the State Audit of Vietnam (SAV) Ho Duc Phoc has proposed that the SAV and the Board of Audit and Inspection of the Republic of Korea (BAI) conduct a joint audit in the time ahead.

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Auditor General of the State Audit of Vietnam (SAV) Ho Duc Phoc meets with Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection of the Republic of Korea Choe Jaehyeong on September 20. 
Phoc made the proposal during his meeting with BAI Chairman Choe Jaehyeong in Hanoi on September 20 on the sidelines of the 14th ASOSAI Assembly (ASOSAI 14).

Phoc said the two sides can choose between a joint audit on the environment for sustainable development or on information technology, adding that the SAV has experience in performing joint audits with its counterparts in Russia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Indonesia.

He spoke highly of the long-standing relations between the SAV and BAI, saying that the SAV has learned much from the BAI’s experience in formulating the Law on State Audit and in building auditing standards and procedures.

Vietnam has applied information technology and developed a number of types of software in auditing for various fields, such as capital construction audits, corporate audits, and budget audits, he noted. It has deployed remote sensing technology for mining management in order to calculate the volume of ores and minerals unearthed and evaluate taxes, he added.

He hopes that the BAI can share experience and new technologies in IT and operational auditing with the SAV and that their cooperation can contribute more to the two economies and the common goal of strengthening the national financial system and the Asia’s economy.

Choe Jaehyeong, for his part, highly valued Vietnam’s robust growth in recent years and hoped the country would develop with even greater strength in the coming years.

Echoing Phoc’s view, he also looked forward to the two sides increasing experience exchange in IT and environmental audit. He asked relevant auditing bodies to draw up plans for a joint audit with the SAV.

He expressed his belief that the collaboration between the two sides will be deepened in a sustainable manner, while at the same time, he wished Vietnam will perform well its role as the new ASOSAI Chair and successfully host the ASOSAI 14.

The 14th Assembly of the Asian Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI) is taking place in Hanoi in Hanoi from September 19 to 22 under the theme “Environmental Audit for Sustainable Development” to clarify the role of environmental auditing in supporting governments to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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