Vietnam leads mobile e-commerce growth in Southeast Asia

Vietnam is the fastest-growing market in South East Asia in terms of mobile e-commerce growth, says the latest report on Southeast Asia’s 2017 e-commerce status by iPrice.

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In the past 12 months, mobile phone usage in Vietnam has grown on an average of 19%, accounting for 72% of the overall e-commerce Web traffic. In comparison to other Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam enjoyed the steepest growth at 26%.

However, in absolute terms, Indonesia is leading mobile e-commerce, with 87% of the traffic coming from mobile phones. 

Meanwhile, traffic via personal computers is less than 30% in all countries in the region.

Vietnam is also the leader in website conversion rate, which measures the percentage of website visitors that turn into customers, with a conversion rate of up to 65%, closely followed by Singapore and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, with the low use of credit cards (except in Singapore), e-commerce merchants are offering more payment options to reach out to shoppers.

In Vietnam, 86% of merchants offer online payment, while cash on delivery is offered by more than 80% of the players. Besides this, in both Vietnam and Thailand, almost 50% of the merchants offer offline point of sales.

This is due to the popularity of online to offline e-commerce models, such as The gioi di dong (Vietnam Mobile World), FPT Shop and Nguyen Kim, the report said.

However, due to lower gross domestic product per capital (US$6,880) compared to other countries in the region, Vietnam has the lowest basket size, with an average order value of just US$23.

iPrice’s data was collected from over 1,000 e-commerce players operating in the six largest Southeast Asian markets, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.


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