Vietnam is 4th in shrimp imports to US market for April

VOV.VN - For the month of April, official US import data showed that Vietnamese shrimp companies accounted for the fourth largest share of the market narrowly being edged out for third by Thailand.

vietnam is 4th in shrimp imports to us market for april hinh 0
US shrimp imports rose 16% in volume year-on-year for the month of April to 45,764 metric tons. The increase in tonnage came despite a 2% rise in the average per-kilo value to US$9.62 this year.

The volume and price rises combined resulted in an overall shrimp import value increase of 18% to US$440.4 million for the month of April, according to the US import data.

Imports from India surged 80% year-on-year to 13,871 metric tons making companies from the country the largest holders of market share. Indonesia and Ecuador at 8,597 and 6,488 metric tons, respectively, followed.

Imports from Thai companies to the US totalled 3,967 metric tons, making it the fourth largest market share holder trailed by Vietnam a close fourth, at 3,291 metric tons for the month of April.


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