Vietnam attends Hong Kong seminar on sustainable growth

A Vietnamese delegation led by Deputy Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau Pham Van Cong attended a seminar on maintaining stable and sustainable growth of the Asia – Pacific region in China’s Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong on June 30.

The function, participated by more than 100 experts, entrepreneurs and officials across the world, took place amid the global economic climate’s modest growth and downside risks. 

It aimed to explore viable means for maintaining stable and sustainable growth since it was considered as a platform for representatives from the academic, business and government sectors to examine how to promote and inject new impetus for growth through cooperation in Asia-Pacific. 

At the seminar, participants shared their views on Hong Kong’s contributions to the regional trade growth; ways to manage disruptions to supply chains; measures to help small- and medium-sized enterprises position themselves in the ever-changing economic climate; and how the development of technology shapes trade and business in the region. 

They all agreed that as a leading global financial hub, Hong Kong plays a major role in maintaining and promoting the Asia-Pacific region’s growth. 

They suggested its authorities conduct more open policies so that Hong Kong can fully utilise its advantages in the regional growth. 

The seminar was held by the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, the Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, and the China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation.

VNA/VOV online