Vietnam aims for 5.5 percent economic growth

(VOV) - The National Assembly (NA) has approved the Resolution on 2013 the plan for socio-economic development.

On November 8, more than 90 percent of NA deputies voted for the Resolution aimed at stabilizing macroeconomy, achieving higher economic growth and controlling inflation.


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They agreed that the main focus will be on removing obstacles to businesses, promoting exports, reforming education, and increasing the quality of human resources.

They stressed the need to boost the economic restructuring process, shift growth models, ensure social welfare, increase national defence and expand external relations, thus creating a firm foundation for future development.

The deputies overwhelmingly approved the goals of achieving 5.5 percent GDP growth, 10-percent export growth, 8-percent import surplus, and 8-percent CPI growth, while keeping the overspending rate under 4.8 percent of GDP.

They set targets to generate 1.6 million new jobs and reduce the rate of poverty to below 2 percent among households, the rate of urban unemployment to less than 4 percent and the rate of malnutrition among children under 5 to less than 16 percent.

They also emphasized the importance of improving healthcare services and protecting the environment.