US extends antidumping order on Vietnamese shrimp

VOV.VN - The US International Trade Commission voted unanimously in early September to support the domestic shrimp industry by extending the antidumping orders on frozen warm water shrimp from Vietnam, China, India and Thailand for an additional five years.

us extends antidumping order on vietnamese shrimp hinh 0

The antidumping orders were first enacted more than 10 years ago to offset cheating by foreign shrimp producers, said the Commission.

US State of North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones, Jr. applauded the Commission’s action saying, that shrimping is an integral part of the Eastern North Carolina heritage and economy.

Hard-working Eastern North Carolina fishing families have been devastated by unfairly traded foreign shrimp. If these orders weren't continued, producers from Vietnam, China and elsewhere would start illegally dumping shrimp into our market again. 


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