UNIDO helps Vietnam implement Stockholm Convention

The application of best available techniques (BAT) and the best environmental practices (BEP) to reduce the unintentional production of the persistent organic pollutants (POP) in Vietnam’s industrial sector was discussed at a seminar in the central coastal city of Da Nang, on July 29.

A two-year project on the theme was carried out with technical assistance from the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) at a cost of US$800,000, provided by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Under the project, pilot projects were implemented in rubbish burning, cement and paper production and steel manufacture.

UNIDO’s technical assistance aims to develop essential human resources and infrastructure for the implementation of the Stockholm Convention to reduce and cut POP.

The project is combined with Vietnam’s national strategies to develop sustainable industry and clean production and improve people’s health and environment.

The two-day seminar was briefed on the results of the BAT and BET application in incinerators and cement kilns. 

Participants also assessed the technology to clean up dioxin and studied the impact of the recycling of uncontrolled electronic waste on the environment and people’s health.