Three-fourths of Vietnamese consumers prefer local goods

A recent study by Nielsen showed that up to 76% of Vietnamese consumers prefer locally made products.

three-fourths of vietnamese consumers prefer local goods hinh 0

About 17% of the respondents said they buy only domestic goods while 59% said they consume mostly local products, compared to the respective global averages of 11% and 54%.

Consumers prioritise Vietnamese goods since product origin is clear and they want to support domestic producers, according to the global measurement firm.

The study also found that health is the top concern of Vietnamese with 69% of consumers showing readiness to pay more for high-quality and safe products, much higher than the global average of 49%.

Nielsen noted there are three main factors affecting consumers’ post-COVID-19 shopping habits, namely quality and effectiveness, products with local origin, and technology, which promote the development of consumption trends such as the preference for domestic and high-quality goods