Teleconference seeks partners in support industry products

VOV.VN - A teleconference took place on July 7 with the aim of supporting local businesses seek partners to co-operate in outsourcing, producing, and exporting local support industry products to the Japanese market amid the complicated nature of developments relating to COVID-19 pandemic.

teleconference seeks partners in support industry products hinh 0

At the conference, Vietnam’s Trade Office in Japan shared know-how for greater penetration into the Japanese market for domestic goods, including support industry products.

Through the event, local enterprises and Japanese importers are anticipated to gain greater insights into each side’s respective demands and capabilities, before going on to sign an agreement outlining co-operation activities in terms of outsourcing, production, and investment.

Moreover, it is hoped that the teleconference will assist businesses in maintaining stable operations, and developing their production and business activities amid the complex nature of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Along with a greater integration into the global economy, the nation’s supporting industry has been gradually developing and has played a crucial part of the global supply chain.

This comes after plenty of foreign companies and corporations, including several renowned Japanese enterprises, have established production factories and assembly plants in Vietnam in a bid to utilise low production costs. 

This is done alongside seeking opportunities to co-ordinate with local businesses which specialise in supplying raw materials and support industry products.


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