Technology application in agriculture strengthened

VOV.VN - The Vietnamese Party and State have in recent years urged the use of technology to boost socio-economic development. Technological advances have been widely applied in health care, construction, information, banking, tourism, and particularly agriculture.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has implemented an action program to mobilize resources, particularly from the private sector to invest in science, technology, and innovation and take advantage of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Ministry has reviewed and restructured national science and technology programs to make businesses the center of a national creative innovation system.

Investment in science and technology shifted

At the 36th session of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Thursday, Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh highlighted the strategy to boost the support industry and mechanical engineering and increase budget allocations for science and technology.

The Minister said that to make businesses the center of policy, the Ministry has in recent years focused on supporting technology research, application, renovation, and transfer, developing production chains, and supporting technology companies.

Mr. Anh said “At recent technology trade fairs, more than 33,000 technologies have been transferred. Technology has been used in processing and post-harvest activities.”

Technology support for agriculture enterprises strengthened

The government has fine-tuned policies to create a favorable environment for science and technology, accelerate the commercialization of research results, develop the science and technology market, increase cooperation between research institutes and enterprises, and enable enterprises to participate in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

At the recent NA Standing Committee session, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue said the government will continue to promote its science and technology development strategy in order to restructure the economy and shift the growth model.

Mr. Hue said  “We need to accumulate land to attract big enterprises and boost the development of cooperatives and a collective economy to connect farmers with enterprises. We also need to increase the use of technology in production. We hope that by so doing we can increase the number of enterprises.”

The government has undertaken several measures to attract investment to high-tech zones, strengthen nurseries of innovation and high-tech enterprises, and develop a National Key Program on the 4th Industrial Revolution. Policies aimed at prioritizing science and technology, attracting overseas Vietnamese intellectuals, and supporting innovative entrepreneurship have been widely implemented.


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