Special Report: Central Livestock Market in Southern Border Region

The central livestock and farm goods market in Pattani province is an open-air market without a permanent building.

special report: central livestock market in southern border region hinh 0

It is located in the compound of the Livestock Department's Pattani Livestock Genus Research Center on seven rai of land at Don Yang intersection, Village 9, Baw Thong community, Nong Chik district of Pattani. 

It has opened since February 2015.

It is a model for an integrated agro-industrial enterprise which can stimulate trade and investment for the local economy of Pattani and neighboring areas as well as strengthen the confidence in government agencies and the people. Besides, it can improve the quality of life and create jobs for local farmers and villagers.

Maj. Gen. Anusan Khum-aksorn, director of the Fourt Army Region's Development Office, said his agency has provided vocational support for local farmers and promoted the trading of livestock, especially cattle, goats and fowls, as well as farm goods at the central livestock market.

The farmers who deal in trade at the central livestock market have been considerably satisfied and benefited from the project, given the quality standards of the goods and the practical communication among the local livestock raisers and farmers as well as those in nearby areas.

Importantly, varied trading, investment and economic development activities in the southern border region will be expanded and promoted in pursuit of optimum interests and quality of life of the local people.