Solar power projects wake up potential of central highland district

VOV.VN - The Central Highlands region, particularly Dak Nong province, have a great potential for solar power development. Solar energy projects in Dak Nong will help to meet national socio-economic needs.

solar power projects wake up potential of central highland district hinh 0
Solar panels of Cu Jut Solar Power Plant (Photo: VOV)

Covering an area of nearly 65 ha and with more than 187,000 solar panels, Cu Jut Solar Power Plant in Ea T’Linh town, Dak Nong province, is expected to create an endless amount of safe energy. The plant used to be an area of exhausted soil, low yield crops, and economic inefficiency.

Solar operator Nguyen Van Duc said the plant’s personnel will work in two shifts. Although they must operate and monitor 187,000 solar panels, they will do it using computers and CCTV cameras. The operators will regularly inspect the panels and keep them clean to ensure the highest level of radiation efficiency.  

“Our job is to take turns monitoring, checking the equipment, and managing the plant’s operation through each shift. If any solar panel breaks, the operators must replace it. If any battery frame falls overtumble, we will stand it up again. The prime radiation time is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. In other time frames from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. the radiation level is almost the same,” said Duc.

Cu Jut district in Dak Nong province is reported to have a great solar radiation potential – on average, 2,600 sunny hours per year.

The Central Hydro Power Corporation has invested 56 million USD in a 50MW solar power plant which will generate an expected 8.6 million USD from an electricity output of 90 million KWh per year. It’s expected to recoup the investment capital in 9 years.

Luu Phuc Anh, the Plant’s Deputy Director, said, “Cu Jut district has a relatively good radiation potential. The plant, which is built near a 110KV line, has a very good radiation level. We have worked with the local people, who are open and supportive. Monthly electricity output is about 7 million KWh. Since the plant began operating on April 20th, it has provided 31 million KWh to the national grid, reducing the national electricity shortage and regional power loss.”

The development of renewable energy, including solar energy, is vital as traditional energies like hydropower and thermal power fall in productivity and competitiveness.

Nguyen Van Trinh, Deputy Director of the Dak Nong Power Company, said, “The solar power plant of the Central Hydro Power Corporation transmits electricity directly to the 110 KV power grid. The plant is a useful additional power source.”

According to Nghiem Hong Quang, Vice Chairman of the Cu Jut District People's Committee, investment in solar power projects takes advantage of the local potential. Areas which used to be infertile farmland subject to frequent drought and scarce irrigation water are proving ideal for large solar projects.

Quang noted, “The project has had a positive impact. It has redefined the local economy, increased local revenues, and created jobs. I hope the project will continue to benefit the locality. When it goes into operation, it will attract more businesses and investors to the district.”

In addition to 2 big projects already under way, Dak Nong has 6 other solar power projects lined up in Cu Jut and Krong No district. The projects, worth between 43 million and 172 million USD, with a capacity of up to 162MW, have been submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for evaluation.

The northern districts of Dak Nong province, including Cu Jut, Krong No, and Dak Mil, have a great potential for solar power development and are attracting the attention of investors.