Six Vietnamese start-ups win funding from Singaporean venture firm

Six Vietnamese start-up firms have raised at least 50,000 USD each from the Singaporean investor Insignia Ventures at the seed funding round.

six vietnamese start-ups win funding from singaporean venture firm hinh 0
The telemarketing enterprise is among six Topica Founder Institute graduates that have received US$50,000 worth of funding each from the Singaporean investor Insignia Ventures. (Photo: VNA)
This is the minimum funding guaranteed by the Singaporean firm for start-up businesses that graduate from the training programme of Topica Founder Institute.

TFI graduates receiving funding this time include on-demand telemarketing firm TelePro, travel ticker booking firm Cheep Cheep and enterprise software developer Clavis Aurea.

The programme also marks the first of its kind between an investment fund and a Vietnamese start-up incubator, proving the quality of Vietnamese start-up community has been growing.

The maximum funding a TFI graduate may receive from Insignia Ventures is 500,000 USD. Funding will be automatically disbursed without evaluating the start-up’s chance of success.


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