Seminar talks sustainable avocado farming in Dak Nong

The People’s Committee of the Central Highlands province of Dak Nong held a scientific seminar on sustainable avocado farming in Gia Nghia township on July 20, as part of the “Dak Nong: Ripe Avocado Season” programme.

seminar talks sustainable avocado farming in dak nong hinh 0

Representatives from SAM Agritech Co., Minh Hung Co., and Western Highlands Agro-Forestry Scientific and Technical Institute joined experts from New Zealand in sharing their experiences and solutions in improving the value of avocados. 

Delegates introduced several kinds of popular avocado; farming techniques; harvest, preservation, and processing methods; avocado-sourced food and cosmetics production; and  consumption of avocado products. 

Emmet Mcelhatton, Business Development Manager of for New Zealand Trade and Enterprises, said local farmers should pay further attention to land and variety management to ensure the best quality avocados for domestic consumption or for export. 

At the event, representatives from SAM Agritech Co., the New Zealand Agency for International Development, and the New Zealand Plant and Food Research Institute signed an agreement on avocado farming in the province. 

According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, weather and soil conditions in Dak Nong are highly suitable for avocado farming. 

The province is home to nearly 2,600ha of avocado trees with an output of 10-15 tonnes per ha. The local avocado cultivation area and output has increased in recent years. The fruit is expected to help farmers improve their income sustainably.


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