Samsung: half of S8, S8 Plus smartphones made in Vietnam

A representative from Samsung Vietnam said its factories in Vietnam provide 50 percent of all the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus smartphones sold internationally.

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Samsung is now gathering all of its resources to manufacture Galaxy S8. 

Prestigious technology websites said that it will help Samsung remain the world’s leading smartphone manufacturing group after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle in 2016. 

Samsung Vietnam said that the Galaxy Note 7 scandal last year only had an impact on the giant for a short time. It also said that the scandal won’t have considerable influences on production and business, as well as Samsung Vietnam’s export turnover in 2017.

The production and export of other models such as S7 Edge Galaxy A and tablets to other markets in 2016 still exists. The export of smartphones in 2016 increased by 10.3 percent compared with 2015.

Forty percent of total mobile devices of Samsung are made in Vietnam and are expected that Samsung Vietnam would export $50 billion worth of products this year.

Learning the lesson from the catastrophic fire of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has tightened the production process of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. 

When the device is manufactured in the production line, it will be put under a test run for 72 hours.

After that, the product will be re-checked before being packed and launched into the market. In addition, Samsung will randomly select a number of finished products to test the water resistance, durability and the operation stability capability.

Some smartphone production phases are being undertaken by robots. The automation level in camera assembling at Samsung Vietnam has reached 30 percent, while the levels are 50 percent for main circuit and 100 percent for the metal frame of the machine.

However, there are still the production phases in which robots cannot replace workers. 

At Samsung Thai Nguyen, there are 62,000 workers. The factory, together with Samsung Bac Ninh, creates many smartphones and tablets, from mid to high end, exported to 78 countries and territories all over the world.

The number of Vietnamese enterprises joining Samsung’s supply chain has been increasing steadily year after year. 

To date, 200 Vietnamese enterprises have become the suppliers of Samsung, including 23 first-class suppliers. The figure is expected to increase to 29 within this year.

The support to Vietnamese enterprises to help them upgrade the production and product quality has been given by Samsung since 2015. 

Samsung’s factories in Vietnam have been scaled up unceasingly. Therefore, Samsung has been continuously recruiting workers to satisfy the production expansion. 

SEV Bac Ninh and SEVT in Thai Nguyen now employ 100,000 workers. 
Samsung is also using 1,500 software engineers in Vietnam for software development.


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