Rumours swirl Apple could be set to open a factory in Vietnam

VOV.VN - Tech giant Apple of the United States has been stepping up recruitment for a number of positions in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, raising the possibility that they are seeking to set up a factory in Vietnam.

rumours swirl apple could be set to open a factory in vietnam hinh 0
Apple has posted on its website it is seeking nine positions for its vacancies in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
Rumours of a move to establish an Apple factory in the country first emerged in late 2019 when the firm announced several vacancies in Vietnam via its website, including a programme engineer, a mechanical quality engineer, an administration assistant, a display quality engineer, and an operations manager. 

Most notably however were high-level vacancies such as a senior manager in charge of government affairs, a regional operations manager, and a new product manager.

In posting the availability of the positions, the teach giant made public the various job descriptions, in addition to the key qualifications needed to for the jobs, along with the education and experience requirements.

In doing so, the announcement has gone on to fuel rumours that the US enterprise could move to open up a manufacturing factory, a retail store, and a representative office domestically. 

However, Apple have yet to confirm or deny the stories, which in turn has only served to strengthen speculation.

Tech experts can’t seem to agree on whether the gossip is true or not, with many arguing that it is unlikely the US giant would favour making a move in the Vietnamese market, whilst others believe that Apple will gradually move its production factory from China to Vietnam.  

Although the multi-national company is yet to open a representative office or official factory locally, it has granted permission to a number of establishments to sell its products nationwide, with iPhones and Apple Macs being extremely popular among Vietnamese consumers.


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