Rome on giants’ shoulders

Street lights had been turned on. Yet in a house in District 3, the meeting still went on, discussing blueprints and data relevant to the construction plan for Rome complex, a new symbol of the center of Thu Thiem urban area.

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Majestic columns, huge stone platforms and sophisticated patterns in Roman-style depict a gigantic Rome, making the project an aim of the Saigonese well-off.

When tycoons join hands...

It can be said that the above meeting was one convened by some big names in the real estate sector of Vietnam and the world, namely Coteccons—the general contractor with its marvelous Landmark 81 tower (Landmarks is a leading brand in landscaping); Underwriters Laboratories (UL)—an expertise in firefighting based in the U.S. operating in over 100 countries worldwide; CBRE—an international commercial real estate services and investment group; and DP Architects, Mai-Archi and TTID—design firms known for their big construction works. And when such big names have joined hands with each other, an architectural masterpiece is created in Thu Thiem in the hope of becoming a symbol of prosperity of the entire region east of Saigon.

Following the impressive big names, a guarantee for the project, the realty circle then becomes curious about the mastermind who can combine the strengths of all participants to build a majestic Rome in the heart of Thu Thiem. The answer is Phuc Khang Corporation. Not only has it been modeled after the original Roman architecture from Italy, Phuc Khang has also selected the quintessence of ancient architecture, green technology and modern safety standards to form a green heritage in Thu Thiem. Phuc Khang is not alone on this path; it has been accompanied by well-known brands.

“We are impressed by an exceptional proprietor—Phuc Khang Corporation,” said Nguyen Ba Duong, board chairman of Coteccons. “It is strange because the company does not care much about profit, but it pays close attention to the project’s quality. I like this concept very much.”

Rome in Vietnam

Taking advantage of Roman architectural quintessence, Rome by Diamond Lotus bears the typical European neoclassical style found at world’s famous constructions. At the Rome in Vietnam, residents will see elegant domes, majestic columns and Trevi Fountain at the 14-meter-tall Trevi Square, 1,100-square-meter saltwater infinity pool, 3,000-square-meter Roman Garden, etc. Rome by Diamond Lotus will also be equipped with modern amenities, including four Panorama elevators, five-story commercial center and a complex of 16 luxury conveniences.

Under DP Architects, Rome by Diamond Lotus—from the concepts and blueprints of Phuc Khang Corporation—has been materialized splendidly and lively. Founded in 1967, two years after the independence of Singapore, DP Architects is the author of big works such as The Dubai Mall (the UAE), the five-star Novotel & Mercure Singapore on Stevens (Singapore), OUE Twin Peaks (Singapore), Ciputra World Surabaya (Indonesia), etc.

With over 50 years of experience, DP Architects have expanded its office network in Southeast Asia, China, India, the Middle East and Europe. As for Rome by Diamond Lotus, DP Architects has breathed modern soul into the neoclassical architecture value and a timeless life to this construction work.

Having the same concept of developing the new on the basis of preserving the nature, the environment and quintessence with Phuc Khang Corporation, Landmarks, a landscaping consulting and design company, will bring an ideal living space to Rome. Many believe that landscaping means arranging greenery rationally, but Kevin Marks, CEO of Landmarks, said, “It is the process of studying the local soil and climate, calculating and zoning space, greenery, sunlight and winds.” Accordingly, Rome by Diamond Lotus is logically designed with internal roads, open and closed spaces, the height of shade trees along pedestrian paths, Roman gardens, etc. Trees and plants in this project have been selected so as they can grow well in the tropical climate of the southern land, including wild mint, garden sage, olive, rosemary, bulb onion, lemon balm and rose.

Top quality

Aside from well-known partners specializing in design, construction and landscaping, Phuc Khang Corporation has also cooperated with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) from the U.S. UL is a global safety consulting and certification company headquartered in the U.S., operating in 104 countries. UL operates independently and award certification objectively and transparently without being impacted by partners or customers. The safety accreditation for the building has come from UL’s 100-year-plus operation and experience in safety inspection and certification in many countries worldwide.

In the context of an unclear realty market, the certification of its construction work is a plus that helps residents have peace of mind to live in their own homes. Rome by Diamond Lotus is the first project applying the world’s most advanced safety standards in harmony with the environment and landscape, improving living value for residents. The building is a perfect combination between PEACE and GREEN, together with a sophisticated European architectural style, to make it an outstanding work in the eastern region of Saigon.

In addition to UL’s safety standards, Rome by Diamond Lotus has also been designed to meet three international green standards, including LEED (the U.S.), LOTUS (Vietnam) and Green Mark (Singapore).

Tran Hieu, deputy general director of marketing and business of DKRA Vietnam, which is in charge of the sale of Phuc Khang Corporation’s projects, said, “The high-end real estate segment has stable transactions and relatively high sale ratio. Many customers have positive assessment about the quality of Rome by Diamond Lotus.”

“Prices range from VND3.9 billion an apartment and the payment duration lasting 30 months, with an advance of 10% and enabling buyers to live in their flats after a 50% payment. I think that this is a good policy in the market that only big foreign proprietors could afford,” added Tran Hieu.

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