Promoting APEC cooperation in human resource development

VOV.VN -Human resources play a key role in the economic development of APEC members. A senior policy dialogue on human resource development in the digital era will be held in Hanoi next month as part of the Vietnam APEC Year 2017.

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Science and technology have strongly impacted the production process and eased the workload. Mr. Michel Welmond, Head of the Education Group of the World Bank in Vietnam, said "The definition of fundamental skills is changing. It's not just the matter of basic skills but the ability to apply them in different situations, master technical skills, know how to keep oneself up with the latest developments."

Technology and digitization have resulted in job reduction. Therefore, appropriate social security policies are needed to adapt to such rapid changes. The senior policy dialogue on human resource development in the digital era will evaluate the role and impact of the digital era on the labor market and the quality of human resources in order to map out social security policies appropriate to workers and promote cooperation between APEC economies. 

Ms Le Kim Dung, Head of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, said “APEC members will discuss ways to improve their social security policies and help workers and disadvantaged people find jobs. Digital technology has created jobs and made labor management more effective.”

Improving quality of Vietnamese labor to meet integration demands

According to the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, approximately 130,000 Vietnamese workers went to work abroad last year but the number of skilled workers was low. Vietnamese workers have difficulties in penetrating APEC’s labor markets. 

At the upcoming dialogue, Vietnam will promote sharing labor market information between APEC economies and skills training to help workers find jobs when technology changes. The dialogue will focus on future employment in the digital and automation era, training to meet the demands of modern economies, the digital era’s impact on the labor market, and aspects of social security. 

Ms. Dung said, “Human resource development is one of the priorities of the APEC Year 2017 to achieve sustainable development and inclusive growth. At this dialogue, Vietnam hopes to create an action program to strengthen APEC cooperation in employment, labor market information, vocational training, and social security. Hosting the dialogue will raise Vietnam’s prestige in APEC.”

150 policy makers representing the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Education and Training, and the Ministry of Information and Communications, and scholars from the 21 APEC members’ universities and research institutes will participate in the dialogue.



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