Progress of the Nong Chik Model City Project in Pattani

Progress has been made on the development of Nong Chik district, Pattani province, into a model city for agro-industry, under a project entitled "Triangle of Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability.”

progress of the nong chik model city project in pattani hinh 0
Lieutenant General Wasit Maneechot, from the Internal Security Operations Command, and his team on February 22, 2019 visited Pattani province to inspect the Nong Chik model city.

They heard a report that, over the past year, the farm sector in Nong Chik had shifted from monoculture to integrated farming.

A number of rubber planters have turned to oil palm planting. In so doing, they are able to increase household earnings. Apart from developing agro-industry, the model city project in Nong Chik also aims to develop local tourism, international border trade, and a future industrial city.

It also involves infrastructure development, such as the improvement of the Pattani port, which features transportation links from the deep South of Thailand to Malaysia.

Lieutenant General Wasit said that the Government had launched the Triangle of Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability project to help develop the southern border provinces and improve the people’s living conditions.

He said that his visit to the deep South was also intended to create confidence in the southern border provinces and encourage local public and private sectors to work closely together in developing the model city on a continual basis.

Local residents are said to have been very active in joining the model city project, as it generates more income for them. The project also places an emphasis on full-cycle agricultural processing, in response to the needs of the southern border provinces.


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