President el-Sisi delivers speech at Vietnam-Egypt Business Forum

VOV.VN - President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh both delivered keynote addresses on Thursday, September 7, at the Egypt-Vietnam Business Forum in Hanoi.

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President el-Sisi expressed his full appreciation and respect to Deputy Prime Minister Minh and the great people of Vietnam for their role in maintaining security and stability in the Southeast Asian region.

In addition, he applauded the Vietnam government for its leadership and determination in improving the economic situation of the country and the lives of the common people so that they may enjoy a higher standard of living and a better future.

President el-Sisi said he looks forward to pushing cooperative relations between the two countries to a wider perspective, especially in terms of enhancing economic cooperation in various fields of trade and investment, exchange of experiences, transfer of technology and increased cultural and scientific cooperation.

Egypt, said President el-Sisi, has a population of over 93 million, enjoys many investment advantages and is a large and promising market. It is also the gateway to a huge regional market in the Arab world and the African continent through many free trade agreements.

President el-Sisi said he attached great hopes to the success of this forum in conveying a more detailed picture of the nature of economic developments in Egypt, opening new fields of cooperation between businessmen from both countries.

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Deputy Prime Minister Minh in turn thanked President el-Sisi for visiting Vietnam and attending the business forum. In his remarks, the Deputy Prime Minister shared many of the same views, hoping for expansive economic trade and investment in the future.

He told those in attendance that it is his fervent desire to see the business communities of both countries continue to build upon the foundation of the distinguished political relations between Egypt and Vietnam to create robust trade and investment relations.

He encouraged representatives of Egyptian businesses to meet with their Vietnamese counterparts at the forum and afterwards to study trade and investment opportunities available in Vietnam in depth.

The Vietnam government, he noted, has gone to great lengths to create a business climate that is conducive to foreign investment and he urged Egyptian businesses to take advantage of the opportunities in Vietnam that are mutually beneficial to the economies of both countries.


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