Poultry firm imports top-notch chickens

Hoa Phat Poultry Company Limited has imported the first batch of Hy-Line Brown chicken breed, the world’s most balanced brown egg layer, from the UK-based Hy-Line International.

poultry firm imports top-notch chickens hinh 0

According to the company, the cooperation between Hoa Phat Poultry and Hy-Line International, a world leader in poultry-layer genetics, will help step-by-step realise the target of Hoa Phat in the hi-tech poultry sector.

A Hy-Line Brown chicken produces over 355 brown eggs over a period of 80 weeks, peaks well and begins laying early with opimum egg size. 

These traits combined with unrivaled feed efficiency, interior egg quality and classy livability give the Hy-Line Brown the perfect balance, which means more profit for the poultry producer.


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